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Tastemakers Continue to Toast The Paris Review

Posted by jamie | September 28, 2010

Just northeast of New York Magazine’s endorsement of self-serve wine tanks in French supermarkets…

The Paris Review graces the upper right quadrant (highbrow / brilliant) of New York’s Approval Matrix for putting its Interview series online.


Designed by students, built by Tierra

Posted by admin | September 23, 2010

Opening Act’s theater programs provide students attending New York City’s most under-served public schools the opportunity to gain confidence, pride, and the knowledge that they can succeed at anything in life.

Suzy Myers Jackson, Executive Director of Opening Act had some very nice things to say at the recent launch party for their new website.

The new site was designed by students at Pratt, and developed by Tierra. We’re thrilled to support an organization that carries out such amazing work!


Jen Talks Shop with The Paris Review

Posted by jamie | September 22, 2010

Tierra designer, Jennifer OverThessaly La Force, Web Editor at The Paris Review interviews Tierra designer, Jennifer Over.

For those unfamiliar with the old site, what has changed?

Well, a big change is that the site now features a mix of evergreen content from the issue and more ephemeral content from The Daily and Twitter. You might drop in to check out something on the blog and then ten minutes later find yourself reading an interview from 1978.

Another change is that it’s easier to browse the archives of The Paris Review. For the first time, you can browse by genre, which is a whole new way of looking at the work. The new site pulls a lot of amazing pieces from the archive to the surface. I hope that it excites your readers!

Read the full interview.


Bonjour, The Paris Review's new website

Posted by jamie | September 20, 2010

New site. New CMS. New blog. New store.

We are thrilled to support The Paris Review’s renewed online efforts and help them update and expand their digital presence.

You will no doubt be floored by the site’s arsenal of simply great writing and art.

We’re humbled to be in such good company.

Read more about the project.

Read the press release.


Council on Foreign Relations homepage redesign

Posted by jamie | December 21, 2009

Tierra was delighted to help launch the Council on Foreign Relations homepage redesign this past week.  The project included extensive user-experience research and testing, strategy consultation, video/audio player development, and visual design over the course of six months.  Our work with the team and executive management was a true collaboration. We’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with an institution with such an important impact on the foreign policy of the United States.  Read more about the project and stay tuned for further site updates in the coming months. re-designed homepage